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Things to Remember

Effective security means a different notion of what's allowed in carry-on luggage, and what should be left to checked luggage. If you have a question about a potential item in your carry-on luggage, use your airport's customer service for guidance.

The most impactful regulation might be in liquids and/or gels. The Transportation Security Administration calls this rule "3-1-1": 3 ounces or smaller in a container, 1 quart-sized zip-top bag to hold those containers, and 1 bag allowed per traveler. Otherwise, travelers are supposed to store those liquids in checked luggage.

Here are just some of the items prohibited for airline passengers. A full list is available through the TSA:

  1. Box cutters
  2. Golf clubs
  3. Gel candles
  4. Snow globes
  5. Tools larger than 7"
  6. Pool cues
  7. BB guns
  8. Firearm replicas
  9. Electric drills
  10. Gel shoe inserts
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