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Apple iPad Tampa International Airport logo U.S. Department of Homeland Security logo
USA Today Tampa Bay Online CNN
April 14, 2010 April 15, 2010 April 2, 2010
The new Apple iPad won't have to be removed from carry-on luggage. A missing security device causes problems for eight flights, 1,000 passengers. U.S. officials change the way they will screen incoming passengers.
Charlotte/Douglas International Airport Clipart of survey clipboard Example of the result of a full-body scan
Charlotte Observer Washington Technology Gainesville Sun
April 6, 2010 April 13, 2010 April 9, 2010
Installation of scanners could cause delays at Charlotte airport. Phone survey finds plenty who are OK with body scans at airports. Some background information on imaging machines being installed.
Pictures courtesy of Apple, Tampa Bay International Airport, U.S. Department
of Homeland Security, Charlotte/Douglas Airport, and the Transportation Security Administration.
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