Securing the Skies - Chicago Edition

Almost 110 years after the
Wright Brothers first
brought man into the air,
and it's easy to lose sight of the majesty of flight.

Business travelers find themselves regularly flying to all corners of the world, sometimes on a moment's notice. Given the proper passport, we can find ourselves at home one day, and anywhere else in the world the next.

We forget, sometimes, because the hassles obscure our view. The terrible tragedy of 9/11 reminded us again of the dangers - however remote - in flying. The travel experience of 2000 bears little

resemblance to that of the 2010 experience, be it long security lines, checked shoes, or even liquid limits for carry-on luggage.

But we deal with these minor inconveniences in the hopes of never again dealing with an avoidable tragedy in the skies. And just as the items we carry onto planes have evolved in the last 10 years (Discmans have turned into iPods), so to have the security measures needed to remain safe against potential harm.

A good traveler is a prepared traveler, and security measures are just another thing to prepare for when making a trip. Securing the Skies - Chicago Edition seeks to assist you with links resources, airport information, and the latest news in airport security.

We can't prevent you from worrying about your next flight. But we can minimize the unforeseen, and maybe just peel back that curtain to view the majesty of flight anew.

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